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Our mission is to empower and enrich the lives of individuals, families, and communities through prevention and crisis stabilization services utilizing a service system that emphasizes trust, respect, confidentiality and compassion.


After years of observing the Mental Health landscape in Missouri, the non-profit organization, Alternative Interventions, was born.  Our goal is to provide quality Mental Health services to those in communities and circumstances where Mental Health care has historically been inadequate, nonexistent or inaccessible.

Alternative Interventions has a strong history of providing and collaborating with other stakeholders to offer such services to vulnerable and under-serviced individuals experiencing mild, moderate or severe mental health problems.  We hope to continue to spread awareness and health through our community, one life at a time. 

Professionals You can rely on

Non-profit organization Alternative Interventions, Inc. was founded in November of 2006 by current president and CEO Mr. Anthony Bass.  Anthony has worked with stakeholders in Missouri on various levels to develop and establish treatment centers, process improvement initiatives, policies and procedure, evidenced based programming and education, sustainability projects, essential services for First Responders that include Critical Incidents Stress Debriefings, and a safety net program for those individuals and families most at-risk for experiencing negative impacts associated with mental illness.  

Services You can rely on

Alternative Interventions, under the leadership of Mr. Anthony Bass, has primarily utilized an eight-phase approach proven to be effective over a multi-year period with high risk individuals, families, and communities.  These include…

The ability to prevent is often better than the ability to cure. Screening helps prevent long term suffering, and leads to better treatment outcomes.
Assists in minimizing complication associated with alcohol and drug abuse/dependence related problems, or other mental health issues. The process is more informal and helps engage individuals not ready for change.
Based on ongoing assessment and allows for diagnosis and improvement of mental disorders as well as patients' overall well-being.
Carefully orchestrated to provide the absolute best care to clients. Widening the sphere of care helps ensure clients feel supported through the entire treatment process and are able to be connected with additional professionals and/or resources needed.
A process of gathering accurate information representative of identified needs. The process enables clinicians to identify and prioritize steps needed for stabilizing individual, family, and community problems.
Designed to prevent or improve a behavioral or mental health crisis. Assists in disabling acute symptoms that threaten life or property; for individuals not meeting criteria for inpatient hospitalization.
Identify and prepare individuals, families, or communities for anticipated health care needs after an intervention or treatment has been initiated.
Collaborative effort with other industry stakeholders to offer services to individuals and families who are insured, under or uninsured, economically disadvantaged and vulnerable to experiencing mental health problems.


We want to help serve some of our most vulnerable neighbors and communities.  

1. Uninsured and underinsured

2. economically disadvantaged

3 . At-Risk populations

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