Our treatment philosophy

Is based on the premise that mental illness is not a simple disease with a one-size-fits-all treatment regimen.  

We develop treatment plans that are living and breathing that outline goals, objectives, and  methodologies to be used in therapy. 

Treatment plans work like a traffic light moving you through the stages of treatment 

Our clinical team strives to enhance the growth of individuals through therapeutic evidenced  based treatment methods while understanding the uniqueness of everyone. 

As we navigate through this journey we are committed to the following: 

  • To treat individuals and family with dignity and respect 
  • To promote positive growth and change in individuals and families
  • To collaborate and communicate when appropriate with all individuals and family
  • To be aware of and sensitive to ethnic, cultural, and spiritual distinctions
  • To encourage the active participation by the client, family, and others involved in the  decision-making process and identification of treatment choices.